Redeeming Your Voucher

Click on the Redeem My Voucher buttons and follow the steps to submit your details. You will need your Redemption Code Voucher from the website store your initially purchased your voucher to complete the Registration. 

No problem! Click HERE and follow the steps to find the correct Redemption Voucher Code.

If you have purchased other multiple items at the same time from the website store provider you purchased your Voucher from then your Voucher may state "Processing." You may have to allow some time for your website store provider to process this. If 24 hours has elapsed and it still says Processing please contact the website store provider your purchased your voucher from. 

Sure! We send results via email and text link when they are ready. If you would like to receive all  results to one main email address and cell phone then select the Redeem Multiple Vouchers option. If you would like to receive results separately then redeem each voucher selecting the "Redeeming 1 Voucher" option. 

Sure. You can use the website store provider you purchased your voucher(s) from. Alternatively if these are out of stock you can contact us. 

Sending Your Hair Sample

You must click on Redeem Voucher and follow the steps first to register and redeem your voucher(s). Please make sure you have your Redemption Voucher Code(s) to hand. Once your registration and redemption is completed you will be sent instructions via text and email to send off your hair sample. No kit is required. We have a zero packaging zero wastage policy. 

You will receive full instructions via text and email link with our mailing facility address in Kansas, USA. You will first need to complete the steps to redeem your voucher(s). 

Only 10 strands of hair are required. Hair pulled from the root is not required or advised. Simply cut 10 strands from the end tips of your hair. The strands need to be at least 0.5 inches in length minimum. If hair is shorter than 0.5 inches you will need to supply 20 strands.  You will need to place your hair sample in a small sealable ziplock bag, print your voucher, write your details on the back of the voucher and mail to our facility in Kansas, USA. The full mailing address is provided on your instructions after you completed the steps to redeem your voucher(s).

No problem. We will accept facial or body hair. We need 10 strands of hair and at least 0.5 inches in length. Where hair is shorter please provider 20 strands. Make sure hair is clean and free of products such as hair gel or hairspray. Shampoo and conditioner is fine to clean the hair. 

Thats fine. Hair color, bleach or treatment will not affect the results. Please make sure hair is clean from hair products such as hair gel or hair spray. Shampoo and conditioner is fine to clean the hair. 

Your Results

We have made the results as easy to read as possible. Your results will partly be formatted in a clear traffic light system. Red - amber - green. 

Depending on which method of postage you chose, hair sample(s) can take between 3 - 10 working days to reach our facility in Kansas, US. We have no control over how long your hair sample(s) takes to reach us if you are choosing standard mail. Although not necessary, you can choose tracked mail to expedite the process. 

Once we receive your hair sample(s) we process test and deliver your results within 72 hours. 

You will receive your results to the email and cell phone you used to register you account and redeem your voucher(s.) 


If your results are not downloading, are blank or half completed it may be the email servers you or we use may have a technical glitch. 

We ask you to not rely on any results which cannot be downloaded, have a glitch, are blank or half completed. This is a technical problem and you will need to contact us via email only so we can resolve the problem for you. Contact Us

You will receive any bonus material via the login portal where and if available. Please note bonus material is only available from time to time. You will receive any login information along with your results.  

Our Testing

We have made the tests portable as non-invasive as can be. A sample of your hair carries your own epigenetic signature which contains information on how compatible you may be with your diet, vitamins and minerals, as well as toxins levels and your gut bacteria count - depending on the level of test you purchased from your website store provider. You can read more about The Science behind our hair testing HERE

Level 1: Over 350+ items. The Diet Test for One tests over 350+ food and drink items. Such as specific meats (chicken, lamb, pork, bison etc), as well as specific fish, seafood, grains, cereals, legumes, dairy, dairy alternatives, fruits, vegetables, teas, coffee, alcohol, sugars and more. 

Level 2: Over 750+ items. The Diet, Toxicity, Vitamin, Minerals & Fatty Acids Test for One tests for all the foods & drinks in the first level test, as well as specific Vitamins (Vitamin B1 - B12, C, E, D and more), specific minerals and fatty acids and specific environmental toxins such as bees, different shrubs, flowers etc) as well as household toxins such as any chemicals on foods, bleaches, cleaners etc. 

Level 3: Over 1000+ items. The Diet, Toxicity, Vitamins, Minerals, Fatty Acids, Gut Biome, Digestive Enzyme Test for One tests for all the items in Level 2, plus specific friendly bacteria in the Gut such as Acidophilus strains, Yeast and Fungi strains such as Candida, and Digestive Enzymes such as Protease, Amylase, Lipase and more. 

No. Allergy testing tests the immune system and antibodies. 

Allergies take between 2 seconds, to 2 minutes to 2 hours to show signs. The symptoms can be mild to very severe such as anaphylaxis and death. It is very important to rule out allergies first and contact your medical professional or allergy testing specialist regarding this. We cannot give out any medical related advice. 

Epigenetic cellular inflammatory testing (also known as intolerance testing or sensitivity testing) is testing the epigenetic expression and how the different items may be affecting your overall health and wellness. 

Epigenetic changes can take 3 - 5 days to show signs, sometimes weeks, months or maybe even years.

For example, while certain foods may not appear to be affecting you right now, if you were to carry on consuming them they may cause issues later on. 


There is no right or wrong answer on which test is "better."

It is important to rule out any allergies first or any medical related conditions by consulting your medical physician or allergy specialist.  

Scenario 1: A person may have undiagnosed allergies, they take an allergy test and they are able to diagnose their allergies with great success. (Note: We do not test for allergies.)

Scenario 2: A person may have had allergy testing, CT scans and other medical tests and still may have found no answers. In this case epigenetic testing may be useful for that person. 

While we have helped thousands of customers worldwide we cannot and never would guarantee that our tests help everyone. Everyone is unique and should be treated as such.

This test is designed to help make you aware of any items which may affect your epigenetic status. 

Therefore, this test may help you understand what dietary changes you may need to make to help benefit you in the future. 


This testing is called epigenetic testing using bio-technology to analyze the body's natural electromagnetic fields. 

Our cells are made up of billions of cells and in between each cell there is a current also known as an electromagnetic frequency which keeps the cells alive and healthy. 

Epigenetics is the study of changes in the genetic expression when exposed to external or internal factors such as diet, environments, stress levels, toxin levels, vitamin mineral and fatty acid levels, gut biome bacteria, yeast and fungi, parasites to name a few.

Epiegentics can be analyzed using bio-technology to help locate any disturbances in the body's natural cellular electromagnetic frequency which can result in inflammation, intolerances, deficiencies and other health and wellness issues. 

No, it is not entirely the same. A simple analogy to help understand the difference:

  • Epigenetics is the equivalent of our skin color changing when exposed to more sunshine.
  • Genetics is the skin color we were born with. 

If the sunshine has the influence over our skin color then our diet, nutrition, toxicity levels and so forth may also have the capacity to influence our gene expression which can result in changes to our health and wellness. 

This test may benefit you if you have been unable to locate the health symptoms you may have and why you are experiencing them. 

People who have no idea why they are experiencing the following issues even after rigorous testing from conventional medicine:

  • Struggling to lose body fat or water weight and retention
  • Struggling to sleep
  • Struggling with restroom issues and digestive issues
  • Struggling with skin and hair issues
  • Struggling with joint pain and inflammation 

This test may be an alternative way to obtain more information about your current egigenetic status and how your current diet, environment, gut biome environment may be affecting your health. 

Our gene expressions are continuously changing throughout our life and we believe it is important to be aware of what may be affecting them to help lessen any issues at a later stage or improve the symptoms by adopting small changes now to help benefit you.

Do you have any research papers on this testing?


Yes of course, some research papers are located on our website on The Science Page.

No. We take our customers data very seriously. We do not sell, use any of your data. We solely use your information and data for the intents and purposes of testing and delivering your information and results to you.  We do not keep your hair sample longer than 24 hours after testing where it is safely discard and destroyed. If you would like to be tested again you would need to send in another sample. We do not advise you get tested until at least 6 - 8 weeks after your initial test.

Our full Privacy policy is located here

If our FAQs have not answered your question you can contact us via email at orders@advancedfoodintolerancelabs.com