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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

How do I start?

Already purchased your test voucher?

  • Main menu ->
  • Register My Test -> (follow the steps)
  • Click Submit.
  • Check your email for your registration information, sample and mailing instructions. 
  • No kit required.

Not yet purchased your test voucher?

  • Main Menu ->
  • Shop -> (select test and checkout)
  • Check your email for your redemption code
  • Register My Test -> (follow the steps)
  • Click Submit.
  • Check your email for your registration information, sample and mailing instructions.
  • No kit required. 

I can't find my Redemption Code?

Purchased from Living Social, Groupon, or a similar deal site?

  • Login to your Groupon or Living Social Account ->
  • My Stuff ->
  • See Details ->
  • View My Voucher ->
  • Redemption code is located directly under the barcode. 

Use Voucher-2

Purchased from us on social media or our store?

  • Check your email used to checkout ->
  • Redemption Code will be located here. 
  • Need help? Contact Us 


My voucher states "Processing" on the store I purchased it?

Processing can vary dependant on your chosen deal provider. 

You may have to allow some time for your provider to process this.

If 24 hours has elapsed, please contact the provider you purchased your test voucher from directly for help.

Can I redeem multiple vouchers?

Would you like all test results sent to your email address?

You can register tests for multiple people only if: 

  1. You have their consent to receive their results to your email address you use to register. 
  2. You have the correct amount of unused and valid redemption codes needed for each person you would like to register.

Would you like to receive test results separately? 

If you do not have the other person(s) consent to receive their results to your email address, and you wish to receive test results separately, you must gift an unused and valid voucher to that person. The person taking the test must register their test on our website via the main menu "Register My Test."

Can I buy another test voucher?

Of course! You can use the deal provider website you originally purchased your voucher(s) from or, if they are out of stock, you can purchase directly from us HERE.

Can you test on children?

Absolutely!  Please note, children under the age of 6 may rapidly change in their intolerances, deficits, and imbalances. It is therefore recommended to have re-tests conducted more frequently. 

Your Test

How do I collect my sample?

Full instructions will be sent via email after your test purchase and registration. 

Need help? Contact Us

Where do I send my sample?


Mailing addresses:

United States: 11016 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS  66210

Australia: Forwarding address: 9 Ashley Street, Unit 23, West Footscray, Victoria 3012
(Note: to expedite the process you can send directly to our USA address. All samples will be delivered here.) 

Canada:  11016 Quivira Road, Overland Park, KS  66210



I have no hair on my head?

No hair, no problem! We will accept facial or body hair. We require 10 strands of hair at least 0.5 inches in length. Where hair is shorter, provide 20 strands. Hair must be clean and free of products and metal.

My hair is colored/bleached or treated?

Don't worry!  Chemically treated hair (hair color, bleach, or other chemical treatment) will not affect the results. Please make sure hair is clean from hair products such as hair gel or hair spray and metals. Shampoo and conditioner is fine to clean the hair. 

Is there an expiration date from when I cut my hair sample?

We recommend you send your results as soon as possible as the more time passes, the less accurate the results may be.  Results remain accurate for an extended period of time, we recommend waiting no more than 5 days after cutting as to allow for transit times also.

Have you received my sample?

Check your tracking information for full details. 

Results will be delivered 3 - 5 business days after your sample reaches our facility. 

Need help? Contact Us

Your Results

Are my results easy to read?

Yes. Items tested will be coded red, yellow, or green and include a key to better understand the meaning behind these results.

When do I receive my results?

We process, test, and deliver your results within 3 - 5 business days from the point your hair sample(s) arrives at our facility. (Business days: Monday - Friday.) 

Check your tracking details from your chosen provider for more information.

Need help? Contact Us

How will I receive my results?

You will receive your results to the email address you used to register your test.

If you are unable to locate your results, please check your spam / junk folders and text messages. You can also search for "Advanced Food Intolerance Labs" in your email search bar. 

How do I use my results?

When you receive your results you will also receive access to your Members Only Portal login. Within the Member Portal, you will be given access to eBooks, FAQs, and additional resources to that will guide you on your next steps and better understanding your results.

The majority of our clients utilize the test to assist in identifying inflammatory triggers linked to weight gain, water retention, bloating, digestive issues, skin issues, joint and tissue inflammation, as well as an alternative way to view the body from a holistic angle. 

If you still have further questions you can use the contact details for our Health Coaching Specialist team as found within your results. They will be happy to assist you. 

Do the intolerances have to be in my body to detect them on the results?

No, it is not necessary to have all the items in your body, nor do you need to consume them prior to testing (that would be quite labor intensive!)

Your hair carries your unique electromagnetic signature which responds in the same way as the rest of your body does.  Therefore, when your sample is tested, our technology will provide feedback as to how well your unique signature responds to the unique signature of the items we test for you. You can find more information on our Science Page

I cannot find my results after downloading?

Your results will have been sent via secure link to your registered email address and as well as text to the registered cell phone number. Once the link clicked, the next page may go blank, however your results will have been downloaded to your desktop or device (whichever you are attempting to download from.)   You can get additional information for your specific device or PC HERE.

I have downloaded my results and the PDF is blank?

If you have downloaded your results and the sections are blank or the report is not complete,  it could be due to a technical issue with your mail server (or even ours). 

This is a technical issue which will require you contact us via email in order for our team to provide support . Contact Us


When do I access my bonus / members login?

You will receive any additional bonus material via the Member Portal login. You will receive your login password once your results are available.

I need some help with my results?

Sure! Have you checked your Member Portal? Each section of your report is clearly broken down within the Member Portal and provides a wealth of information. If you continue to need assistance after reviewing the information provided in the portal, please contact us via email here  We would be more than happy to help!

Are my results temporary or permanent?

An intolerance is a reaction to an item or external trigger which may be causing an inflammatory response. It is usually a signal that the body may be out of balance.

This also means it is possible to re-balance the body and improve intolerance by removing the inflammatory trigger for a period of time and improving the body's balance.

Do not worry too much about having an intolerance.  Statistically, over 99% of the population has an intolerance at any given moment.*

However, you must be mindful of other conditions which can mimic the symptoms of intolerances and may not be linked to your diet or environment.

Taking the time to improve your diet and environment may help with intolerance but, ignoring warning signs may not be beneficial.  It is advised to keep your doctor well informed and seek medical attention when necessary.

Our Testing Process

Why do you test hair?

We have made the tests portable and as non-invasive as possible.

A sample of your hair carries your unique signature which can contain information on how compatible you may be with your diet, vitamins and minerals, as well as toxin levels, and your gut bacteria count. You can read more about The Science behind our hair testing HERE

Please note: Our tests cannot detect the presence of allergies.  In order to test for allergies, a blood sample must be used in order to test the immune system and IgG and IgE antibodies. We do not require a blood sample to conduct our testing and therefore our testing methodology would be incapable of testing for allergies.  If you feel that require allergy testing or advice, please consult with your healthcare provider or medical professional. 

Why do you not send out a kit?

We do not send out physical kits to pass on the huge savings to you, provide eco-friendly system and low wastage, and cut down the time of delivery of a physical kit.

Get tested and receive your results in 4 simple steps: 

Step 1. Purchase your test 

Step 2. "Register your test" via the main menu on our website

Step 3. Take and mail your hair sample (instructions are provided after completing step 2.)

Step 4: Wait to receive your results via email when they are ready.  

How many items do you test for?

To view all our tests click HERE

"The Primal" or "Silver" (Level 1 test):

Tests 350+ items in relation to your diet.  This includes food and drink items such as specific meats (chicken, lamb, pork, bison etc.), as well as specific fish, seafood, grains, cereals, legumes, dairy, dairy alternatives, fruits, vegetables, teas, coffee, alcohol, sugars and more. 

"The Plus" or "Gold" (Level 2 test)

Tests 750+ items in relation to your diet, toxicity, vitamin, minerals, and fatty acids.  We test for all the foods and drinks in the first level test, as well as specific vitamins (Vitamin B1 - B12, C, E, D and more), specific minerals, fatty acids, specific environmental toxins (such as bees, different shrubs, flowers, trees, etc.), and household toxins (such as chemicals on foods, bleaches, cleaners, etc.) 

"The Premium" or "Diamond" (Level 3 test):

Tests 1000+ items in relation to your diet, toxicity, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, gut biome, digestive enzymes, and Candida. This test will test for all items in Level 2, plus specific friendly bacteria in the gut such as Acidophilus strains, yeast and fungi strains (such as Candida), and digestive enzymes (such as protease, amylase, lipase and more)

Does this test for allergies?

No. Our tests cannot detect the presence of allergies.  In order to test for allergies, a blood sample must be used in order to test the immune system and IgG and IgE antibodies.  We do not require a blood sample to complete testing, and therefore, our testing methodology would be incapable of testing for allergies.  If you feel that require allergy testing or advice, please consult with your healthcare provider. 

An allergic response or reaction is notable within seconds to hours after exposure to an allergen. The symptoms can be mild to very severe, even life threatening. It is very important to rule out allergies first and contact your medical professional or allergy testing specialist. We cannot give out any medical related advice. 

Cellular inflammatory testing affecting epigenetics (also known as intolerance testing or sensitivity testing) is testing the body's expression and how the different items may be affecting overall health and wellness. This is what we are measuring. 

Cellular epigenetic changes can take 3 - 5 days to show signs, sometimes weeks, months or maybe even years which may make them more difficult to detect.

While certain foods may not appear to be affecting you right now, if these were to be consumed they may cause issues later on. 

Is allergy testing or intolerance testing better?

There is no right or wrong answer on which test is "better."

It is important to rule out any allergies or medical conditions first by consulting with your healthcare provider.  Our tests do not detect allergies. Allergies require a skin prick or blood sample and as such, our hair testing methodology would not be able to detect the presence of allergies.

Scenario 1: A person may have undiagnosed allergies, they take an allergy test and they are able to diagnose their allergies with great success. (Note: We do not test for allergies.)

Scenario 2: A person may have had allergy testing, CT scans, and other medical tests, but may still be seeking answers as to their health and wellness. In this case our cellular testing may be useful for that person. 

While we have helped thousands of customers worldwide, we cannot (and never would) guarantee that our tests help everyone. Everyone is unique and should be treated as such.

What is this type of testing?

Our testing can be referred to as "biotechnology testing", "intolerance testing,", "cellular inflammatory testing", or "sensitivity testing" which may have the ability to affect epigenetics. 

Epigenetics are the gene expression which may be affected by different factors such as diet, environments, toxins, nutrients, and so forth.

Full details of our testing can be viewed on the Science page.

Genetics and Epigenetics, are they the same?

No, it is not entirely the same.  We will provide a simple analogy to help understand the difference:

  • Epigenetics is the equivalent of our skin color changing when exposed to more sunshine.
  • Genetics is the skin color we were born with. 

If the sunshine can bear an influence over our skin color, then our diet, nutrition, toxicity levels, and so forth may also have the capacity to influence our gene expression.  This influences can result in changes to our health and wellness.

How do these tests benefit me?

If you are having a difficult time trying to find answers for your health symptoms or general wellness, our tests may be of help. 

You could also benefit from our tests if you are experiencing the following issues,  despite rigorous testing from conventional medicine:

  • Struggling to lose body fat or water weight and retention
  • Struggling to sleep
  • Struggling with restroom issues and digestive issues
  • Struggling with skin and hair issues
  • Struggling with joint pain and inflammation 
  • Struggling with unknown symptoms

This test may be an alternative way to obtain more information about your current cellular health, epigenetic status, and how your current diet, nutrient levels, toxin levels, environment, gut biome, and possible yeast overgrowth may be affecting your health. 

Our gene expressions are continuously changing throughout our life and we believe it is important to be aware of what may be affecting them in order to help lessen any issues at a later stage or improve current symptoms by adopting small changes to help benefit you.

Please note: This test is not beneficial if you are looking to detect allergies. Our tests do not test for the presence of allergies. You would need to contact your healthcare provider or a medical professional for allergy testing and advice.

Do you have any research papers on this testing?

There are thousands of research papers found online. 

You can view some of them on our Science Page.

I am on medication/specific diet/treatment?

Your results will not be affected if you are taking medication, are on a specific diet, or on any type of treatment.

Our tests are designed to raise your awareness of any items which may be affecting cellular health and epigenetic status. 

Therefore, this test may help you understand what dietary changes you may need to make to help benefit you now and in the near future. 

Please note: Our tests cannot detect the presence of allergies.  In order to test for allergies, a blood sample must be used in order to test the immune system and IgG and IgE antibodies.  We do require a blood sample to connect our testing, and therefore, our testing methodology would be incapable of testing for allergies.  If you feel that require allergy testing or advice, please consult with your healthcare provider or medical professional. 

Have more questions?