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"I wish this test was available to me when I was younger, it may have helped me enjoy more years living in this body."

Jay came to us when he was feeling bloated and fatigued. He had recently become a great-grandfather and said that "seeing the magic in my great-grandson's eyes gave me the push to find out some answers to my health issues which had plagued me for many years." He had already seen the test advertised online and intuitively decided to purchase a test and take the leap of faith. He received his results report and was shocked by some of the findings.  The results also confirmed some of the items he had been suspicious of.  "I guess living in this body for so many years has taught me a few things, but having the results years ago would have saved me a lot of wasted time trying to find answers."  Jay could not feel happier.  In following his results, he said "it took some time to adjust to all the items and really understand what they mean and how they were affecting me... but they really were!" He completed his plan with great success and now pledges to take the test 4 times every year to better understand and measure his health and wellness. "We cannot manage what we do not measure. I believe the importance of being able to manage our eating habits, nutrient levels, and digestive bacteria is something which is vital to all of us in order to be able to measure our success. My success has been big and rewarding."

Watch Jay's video to uncover his full story.
*Models have been used to protect our client's privacy.