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Food Sensitivity, Vitamins & Gut Health Test + 5 Test Bundle

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(Bundle includes Stress, Sleep, Anti aging, Appetite, and Inflammation Score Tests)

Full Cellular Health Assessment - with just 10 strands of hair. Know your body reactions to 1000+ items.

Discover which “healthy” foods are harmful to your gut

The vitamins, minerals and fatty acids you are low on

Heavy metals, environmental and household toxins

Recommendations for probiotic strains and prebiotic fibers

100% Moneyback guarantee


What is Included in free test bundle?

Stress Test

Appetite Test

Sleep Test

Inflammation Test

Anti Aging Test

What is tested?

The Premium Food Sensitivity, Vitamins & Gut Health Test measures your cellular response to 1000+ items. Discover what is compatible for you and your cellular health. Eating the wrong foods can result in reactions. Everyone is unique and no two people react the same way. Understanding what is going on for your body is vital to discovering how to achieve optimal health.

This test is not an allergy test.

Food & Drinks


Vitamins & Minerals

Candida & Yeast

Gut Biome

Digestive Enzymes

What this test can help with?

If you are on the journey of searching for in-depth answers to your body’s uncomfortable heath symptoms and chronic weight issues then this test may be for you.

  • Discover the exact foods your body has a biological preference for.

  • Which toxins your body needs to detox.

  • The vitamins, minerals and fatty acids you are low on

  • What exact strains of candida over growth you may have.

  • Which strains of friendly bacteria your digestive system needs.

  • Which digestive enzymes are being depleted daily.

What is included?

Quality assured testing facility

All of our tests meet strict quality assurance regulations including high levels of accuracy, precision and validity, and are subject to regular inspections and third-party performance verifications so you can have complete peace of mind.

Digital results

  • Receive your test results in less than 72 hours to your personalized login portal.

  • Get notified via email and text message

  • Easy to understand color-coded digital results.

Difference between food sensitivities and food allergies?

  • A true food allergy affects the immune system. Even small amounts of the offending food can trigger a range of symptoms, which can be severe or life-threatening. 

  • In contrast, a food intolerance often affects only the digestive system and causes less serious symptoms.

100% Money back guarantee

We are so confident in all our tests that we offer a money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your results.

Simply follow the elimination plan for 6 weeks while keeping a food diary. If after 6 weeks you do not feel or see an improvement, get in touch with one of our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help. 

Symptoms of food sensitivity

These can be a food sensitivity or a vitamin imbalance

Digestive Issues


Weight Gain

Skin Issues

Joint Pain





Gain Clarity over your sensitivities fast.

No more guessing. No more self-elimination diets. Just clear color-coded results delivered to you 72 hours after your 10 strand hair, sample is received.

Personalized Login Portal 

Get access to personalized portal to receive test result, with knowledge center & after test advice.

Join over 200,000 people Taking control of their life

4 Easy Steps to Fast Results

Still have questions?

What is a food sensitivity test?

Sensitivities or intolerances can have a delayed response time and usually involve the digestive system or the cellular reaction to a particular trigger. Reactions can take between hours or up to 4 days to show signs, making self-elimination diets challenging due to the amount of single food items consumed over a 4 day period.
This food sensitivity test uses the EAV cellular response from your hair sample which contains unique information about your body's current cellular state. It can identify food triggers and gives a comprehensive insight into your health and well-being. 

What is toxicity?

Toxicity exists in humans. We have all been exposed to the high levels of toxic metals over our lives. Toxins are found in the air we breathe, the food we eat, food packaging, the products we apply on to our skin, and the environmental objects around us.
The truth is that we all have an amount of heavy metals and toxins in our bodies; but how much is present in the body varies from person to person, and the challenge is to find out how much. The liver and detoxification pathways do a great job in eliminating toxins and heavy metals. The body can only handle a certain level of toxicity before it may start to show signs and symptoms.
Getting rid of toxins and heavy metals from the body can greatly enhance health, benefit cognitive functions and improve vitality.
How can I see my assessment test results?

We will notify you via email and text when your assessment test results are ready in approximately 1 - 4 business days from receiving your sample at our testing facility.

Your Premium Assessment Kit will contain all the steps you need to take to perform your test at home, mail it to us, and receive your results.

What is nutritional health?

Nutritional Health encompasses the amounts of nutrients found in the body's cells, such as vitamins, minerals, and fatty acids. During growth, vitamins stored in the blood, lymph plasma, and different fluids in the body are saved within the hair. The nutrient content in the hair can reflect the nutrient composition of the body. Where there is a deficiency inside the hair profile, it usually means there is a deficiency inside the body.

Minerals are crucial during many processes and in all phases of metabolism. Thousands of biochemical reactions control metabolism, digestion, and tissue regeneration. How effective these processes can be, depends on the specific nutrients. When there is a deficiency of essential nutrients to feed the body's functions, the ability to regenerate, metabolize, or decompose harmful substances may be compromised. While the parameters in the blood can indicate, what is in the blood at any given time, the hair analysis is a record of how the body stores and loses elements. The choice of hair as a testing material is based on blood biochemical parameters changing daily. In contrast, hair values may give a more stable picture of the overall nutritional status of the body.

Hair analysis is invaluable for determining the right diet and supplement program for each individual. Nutrient analysis of hair tissue reflects not only the effects of diet and supplementation on the body but also the effects on the metabolism, coming from stress, physical activity, endocrine, and gastrointestinal functions. The nutritional health test is included in the 750+ Food, Drinks, Vitamins Test Kit 750+ items.

What is digestive health?

Threats to digestive health include stress, frequent antibiotic use, poor diet, and other behaviors.

The microbiome consists of gut bacteria, yeast, parasites, viruses, and pathogens. The microbiome is largely found in the gut and can largely influence digestive health. However, it is also present throughout our entire bodies. The body comprises 30 trillion cells and over 39 trillion bacteria, meaning we are more bacteria than human cells! The microbiome is also known as the good and bad bacteria, which we use probiotics, and foods to support.

Using a hair test kit as the analysis can reflect the residue of the microbiome. An imbalanced microbiome may not efficiently perform functions vital to regulating the hair cycle, such as supplying nutrients, synthesizing specific vitamins, and controlling aspects of the immune system.

Understanding which good bacteria is low and which yeast is overgrown can help support digestive health, immunity, and the path to optimal health. The digestive health test is included in the 750+ Food, Drinks, Vitamins Test Kit 750+ items.

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