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Open Positions

Our motto is simple: We place our customers at the center of our universe, and we believe in all things natural. If you resonate with this, we would love to hear from you. View our open positions below!


Nutritionist / Health Coach

Elements Image USA (Desirable: Kansas, US)   Elements Image Part Time - Full Time

Do you have a passion for helping people with their diet? Well, snap! We do too! We are looking for a nutritionist/health coach who has experience in advising people with their diet, health and wellness from a holistic viewpoint (no nasties!) If this sounds like you, and you and you are looking to work in a fast-paced environment; helping advise our customers, putting herbal and supplement programs together, writing content on all things natural and nutrition, like to have the freedom of working from home.. then we would love to hear from you. You can apply by filling in the form at the bottom of this page and let us be submerged in your ocean of knowledge!


Marketing Guru

Elements Image USA, (Desirable: Kansas, US)   Elements Image Remote

Are you a marketing wizard? Well, you are in luck! We believe in magic, and we would love you to bring your gift to our company. You would be analyzing data, blasting social media advertising, working alongside our agency, and strategizing on improving our offerings through persuasive communication skills and ideas. If this sounds like you, submit the form below and take us on a magic carpet ride with your wizardry!

Customer Service

Customer Service Executive (Phone)

Elements Image Kansas, USA   Elements Image Part Time - Full Time

Do your friends or family tell you you talk too much? Well, not for us! We require a customer service representative who LOVES to communicate with people daily and help them find solutions and answers to their daily questions. This won't be for you if you have a stern and aggressive manner. If you have a warm and like to go the extra mile for people and have been told you are an "empath" or a people "pleaser," then we would like to hear from you (well, read from you!) Your empathy and people skills will be valued in our company and our customers alike. To apply, submit the form below to strut your stuff!


SEO powerhouse

Elements Image USA (Desirable: Kansa, US)   Elements Image Part Time - Full Time

Are you as excited about SEO as google was when they started to invent it? If so we would be excited to hear from you! Let's be honest, we don't know enough about SEO, so we are calling in you to help us on our journey to get to the top. (That's the aim, right?) If this sounds like you and you feel you can bring a lot to the table, submit the form below and let's see what you got!


Sales Master

Elements Image USA (Desirable: Kansa, US)   Elements Image Part Time - Full Time

"People love to buy but don't like to be sold to" - are you with us on that? Great! We love the informative consultative approach, and we believe our clients respond better to that—someone who talks through the problems and provides solutions. Experience in sales in holistic health would be fantastic, but not necessary, as full training would be given. Ultimately, a bit of sharpness, taste, class, solution-driven, intrinsic motivation will do the job perfectly! You will be required to build your pipeline in addition to being provided client leads. We like hand-holding our spouses and children, but not our sales team, so you will have full autonomy of the path you choose to pave. We would love to hear from you if this sounds like you. Please submit the form below and inform us of your mastery!

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Can't find the perfect position?

If you have a passion for helping people and you believe you can add value to our customers which in turn gives value to our company then we would love to hear from you. Please fill out the career application form below. 

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