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Intolerance Testing made easy. Home-to-Lab test service.

We Use Cellular Biotechnology

We use the Quantum Cellular Biotechnology device to analyze the body's cellular patterns from just 10 strands of hair, offering a robust, non-invasive, and early detection of intolerances, imbalances, and deficiencies at the cellular level.

Quality Assured Testing Facility

All of our tests meet strict quality assurance regulations including high levels of accuracy, precision and validity, and are subject to regular inspections and third-party performance verifications so you can have complete peace of mind. 

Results you can


A simple color-coded system to help you navigate through your test results. Easy to follow. Quality regulated. Over 95% accuracy. 

Easy Intolerance Testing

The difference between

intolerance and allergy.

  • An intolerance is a non-immunological response, the immune system is not activated.

  • Intolerances occur when the body has difficulty digesting or breaking down certain foods, possibly due to enzyme deficiencies and overall gastrointestinal health.

  • After identifying intolerances, temporarily removing such from diet and lifestyle decisions is recommended.

Intended To Educate & Inform

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How does it work?

Once you have purchased your test you will need to:

  • Register it. Create your myAFIL account and follow the steps to register your test kit or voucher

  • Simply cut 10 strands of hair from the head or body and place inside a small plastic baggie and mail.

  • Your results will be uploaded to your myAFIL portal when they are ready. Results processing takes 3 business days from the point your sample reaches our facility. You will be notified via text and email when your results have been uploaded. 

Can you test on children?

Yes, absolutely, the test is suitable for all the family. Please note that children under 6 may rapidly change in intolerances, imbalances, and deficits.

Why do you test hair?

We test hair as we found it to be the most robust, stable and non-invasive method of identifying intolerances, deficiencies and imbalances for our clients. It's quick and easy to start and our results turn around time is one of the fastest on the market.

What if my hair is treated and colored?

No problem! Color, bleach or any treatment will not affect the results.

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