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Small Hair Sample

Uncover Your Sensitivities With Just 10 Strands of Hair.



"Some foods that I thought were healthy were actually hurting me." —Sandra

How It Works

We have a simple, yet fast and effective process.

Receive your results in just 4 easy steps.



Register your test.


Take 10 strands of hair 0.5" in length and place into zip lock baggie.


Place the hair sample in the pre-paid mailing envelope and place in mail.


Receive your results via email & SMS.

What We Test For


Foods & Drinks


Over 350 common foods and drinks such as grains, gluten, legumes, seeds, nuts, dairy, seafood, fish meats, eggs, vegetables, fruits, herbs, spices, alternative dairy, oils, and fats.

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

Heavy Metals & Toxins

testforicons-02Over 53 heavy metal ingredients (commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products), over 159 environmental toxins (such as trees, shrubs, animals), and over 160 household toxins (such as bleaches, chemicals, and cleaners).

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

Vitamins, Minerals & Fatty Acids

testforicons-03Over 13 vitamins and more than 13 minerals, along with 5 essential fatty acids.

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

Yeast & Fungus (Candida)

testforicons-06Identifying the most common yeast and fungi strains, also known as Candida and Candida variations, searching for those that are most prevalent in the system.

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

Gut Biome

testforicons-04Identifying the most common friendly bacteria strains (as seen in probiotics), such as Acidophilus strains, Bifidobacterium strains, and more.

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

Digestive Enzymes

testforicons-05Identifying the 5 most essential digestive enzymes and their levels: Hydrochloric acid, pepsin, lipase, protease, and amylase.

Primal test
Plus test
Premium test

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General Health Reasons

Symptoms We Help With

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“It was easy to get results. I followed instructions, sent the hair sample, and received my results within a week.  Customer service was quick to respond and answered any of my questions. When I received my results, I was happy to see what has been causing stomach  aches. It tested more than my allergist tested for! I will be buying this for my children. Thanks for the results and quick response.”
“I'm very pleased with their speedy service; I mailed my sample via USPS with a tracking number, which made it much easier to keep track and know when they would receive; I learned what foods my stomach is sensitive to, information about toxins, an analysis of which vitamins I'm low in, and my gut biome; The information was very informative and helpful in assisting me to make changes to my diet.”
“Absolutely one of the best tests for food intolerance I have seen for such a great price; the results were returned quickly and very professionally; I recommend this test to anyone interested in their health and foods that do not agree with their body. I encourage everyone to get the test. The lab is so professional that I was so impressed.”


How does it work?
Once you have purchased your test you will need to:
  • Register it. Create your myAFIL account and follow the steps to register your test kit or voucher. REGISTER MY TEST CLICK HERE
  • Simply cut 10 strands of hair from the head or body. 
  • Your results will be uploaded to your myAFIL portal when they are ready. Results processing takes 3 business days from the point your sample reaches our facility. You will be notified via text and email when your results have been uploaded. 
Can you test on children?

Yes, absolutely, the test is suitable for all the family. Please note that children under 6 may rapidly change in intolerances, imbalances, and deficits.

Why do you test hair?

We test hair as we found it to be the most robust and non-invasive method of identifying intolerances, deficiencies and imbalances for our clients. It's quick and easy to start and our results turn around time is one of the fastest on the market.

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What if my hair is treated and colored?

No problem! Color, bleach or any treatment will not affect the results.

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