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Frequently Asked Questions

How does sensitivity test work?

Food sensitivity tests are designed to identify specific foods or ingredients that may be causing adverse reactions in individuals.

Food sensitivity tests aim to identify triggers for symptoms like gastrointestinal issues, skin problems, headaches, and other non-allergic reactions.

Is it a subscription service?

In some cases, individuals might choose to undergo food sensitivity testing periodically to track changes in their sensitivities or to monitor their dietary choices. This could lead to recurring testing, which might be set up as a subscription service through a provider.

How long it take to receive results & recommendations?

Results in 72 hours.

How long do I follow recommendations?

 If you're considering eliminating certain foods based on the test results, you might want to try eliminating those foods for a short period, such as a few weeks. During this time, monitor your symptoms and overall well-being.

How sensitivity tests are unique from other tests?

Sensitivity tests are unique in that they analyze the relationship between input variables and output outcomes, allowing for scenario exploration, risk assessment, and decision-making. 

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