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Pet Intolerance Testing

We care for your pets the same way you do.

At-home pet food sensitivity tests for your dog or cat.

Pet Raw Food Intolerance Test


/per 1 test

300+ items tested  

Test your cat or dog for 300+ types of meat, seafood, fruits, veggies, fats, and grains. The results will create an instant elimination diet plan to get your furry friend feeling alive again!

What's included in the Raw Food Pet Test:

  • Raw Dairy

  • Raw Fats

  • Raw Fruits

  • Raw Grains

  • Raw Nuts

  • Raw Proteins

  • Raw Seafood

  • Raw Sweeteners

  • Raw Vegetables

Pet Food Intolerance Test (Dried)


/per 1 test

300+ items tested

Test your cat or dog for over 300+ dried foods such as proteins, grains, additives, preservatives, fruits, seafood, vegetables, and more. Get your furry friend the exact dietary elimination plan they need to help them on the path to wellness.

What's included in the Raw Food Pet Test:

  • Additives

  • Dairy & Fats

  • Fruits

  • Food Dyes

  • Grains

  • Nuts

  • Proteins

  • Spices

  • Starches

  • Sweeteners

  • Vegetables

Easy as 1,2,3...4!

Painless and simple process

  • We continue to invest in the latest equipment and technology to improve speed and accuracy.

  • We place the customer at the center of our working universe.

  • We highly value the work we do and what we provide. We firmly believe it can help you.

Receive your pet's results in your account within 72 hours of us receiving your sample.

Your pet can't speak, so let our tests do the talking.

Unlike cat or dog allergies, intolerances can take between hours to days for our furry friends to show any signs or symptoms.

Is your pet trying to tell you something?

Does your pet experience... 

Pawing Biting & Licking

Upset Stomach

Constant Scratching

Hot Spots

Excessive Hair Loss

Fatigue, low energy

Constipation, Gas

Test your pet's food sensitivities today.